About Us:

Bin Yaber Driving Institute is a spacious and modern facility. We complement this with brand new furniture, equipment, and vehicles for you to use. Since you will be spending a minimum of 30 days with us learning how to drive a Car, we want the experience to be pleasant. What our students enjoy the most is that we are not crowded as compared to other driving schools. This means you get to learn in smaller groups with individualized attention from our patient instructors.


To be the leading driving institute in Dubai and the Middle East ensuring road safety for all


To provide competent and practical driving training services to produce responsible drivers adhering to international standards


We are governed by the guiding principles of excellence, safety, integrity, respect, and innovative technology.


Bin Yaber is one of the largest and most advanced driving institutes in Dubai. Bin Yaber provides Driver License Acquisition Training Courses using its fleet of over 400+ vehicles in different categories – Light Motor Vehicle (Car), Heavy Bus, Light Bus, Heavy Truck, Forklift (Heavy/Light), and Motorcycles.

In addition, Bin Yaber conducts its trainings at E611, an open environment with no road traffic to ensure maximum learning to boost the students’ confidence. Our driving experts are multi-lingual with fluency in Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, Pashto, Malayalam, and Tagalog.

Message from the Chairman

Bin Yaber Driving Institute established itself in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, characterized by an increasingly diverse community of citizens and residents. BYDI intends to contribute significantly to the growth of this nation and move towards the next 50 years, doing our best to ensure that every student is a responsible driver – educated on the importance of safety and cautious driving. As a diversified group of businesses with experience in various sectors for over three generations, we maintain a solid commitment to building excellent customer relationships.

Mohamed Jaber Abdulla Al Harbi

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